finding beauty in the simplest of places


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  1. Photos are yours to keep and use in whatever way you choose.

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  3. If you plan to make a canvas from one of the photos, I would suggest using Canvas Discount at: www.CanvasDiscount.com.  They are very reasonably priced, easy to use, and fast.


About Us

Hey, I’m Linda

The Nature of Iowa photographer

Based in lovely, rural NE Iowa! For me, there is nothing like standing on the edge of a field looking up at an old barn, watching the birds fly overhead and seeing the corn sway in the breeze. The exploration of the nature of Iowa and the experience of finding beauty in the simplest of things creates a patchwork of my photography.

My work is all about nature, authenticity, and the people of Iowa. I love to capture simple beauty at its finest by enhancing the old and showing it in a new light.